Nov 05 2015

The Best Way To Skip School

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“Here’s what we used to do,” my buddy Piyas began. “When we were younger and in school, there would be some days when we didn’t want to study. All of the students usually arrived to the classroom before the teacher. So one of us, usually me, would take the blackboard off the wall – it looked very much like this blackboard here” [and he pointed to the blackboard pictured over his shoulder in this photo].

He continued, “We would take the blackboard and smash it on the ground and – BAM – we had a holiday from school. The teacher would come in and scold the entire class and demand to know who did it, but we had such unity that no one ever told. Unable to teach, she would send us home and we would play cricket or football the rest of the day. These are not good things, of course, but what to do? Kids are kids!”

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