Nov 05 2015

Opening Our Door to Light

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Do you know what the first picture is (upper left)?

How about the second one upper-middle (hint: it’s the same object as the first)?

How about the third one (upper-right)?

If you don’t have a good guess, let me tell you… It’s one of the engines for a 737 jet. See how much clearer it becomes from left to right?

Light illuminates the objects it shines on. It brings them to life and makes hidden things clear.

I’ve never really stood in the pitch black and said, “Oh, how beautiful!” But I HAVE stood in the dark and commented on the stars or the moon. It is light that makes darkness good.

And the same is true of our own lives. Most of us live in some kind of darkness. And we may be stuck there. We continue to sin and there’s nothing beautiful about it.

It’s only when God shines into our lives and casts his rays of light into our life that we can see what exists. The sin is like darkness – not beautiful on its own. It is light that drives out darkness and allows us to see beauty.

This is part of what it means to walk with God – to continually be beautified as more and more and more light is shone into our life.

Eventually, full light will illuminate our souls to be what he has always intended. If we saw a 737 engine in clear daylight, we would have no trouble identifying it. But the dimmer the light, the more confusion as to what an object is.

I’m in Calcutta this week, and the Victoria Memorial is just a stack of stone blocks without light. But with light, it is a masterpiece!

The more we yield to God, the more light gets inside us. And the more light inside us means the more our souls will shine love and kindness and beauty – the way God intended us to be. May we ask God to light us up so we can live the lives he wants! Jesus came to set us free from darkness so we could shine light!

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