Oct 21 2015

The Overflow

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Have you ever seen oil or water come shooting out of the ground when a drilling rig reaches a pocket of liquid below the earth’s surface? The liquid is under such great pressure from the weight of the earth above that it comes rocketing out of the new pathway created for it.

The same is true of the human heart. As the pressure of life squeezes us, our mouth acts as a pathway to discover what’s inside. What comes rocketing out of us is directly related to what is in our heart. “The things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart,” said Jesus. (Matthew 15:18)

And, Christians, beware of your Christian leaders who rarely mention Jesus or God’s kingdom. Driven inside by accolades, admiration, accomplishment, praise, ego, and insecurity, their language indicates where their heart’s allegiance lay. Don’t be swept away in the non-sense. “Hold firmly to the word of life” (Philippians 2:16).

Let us remember that productivity does not guarantee faithfulness. Sometimes productivity is just people getting a bunch of things done. May we spend our precious and difficult hours on this earth under the purifying pressure of God’s good hand and not the pressure of endless deadlines that loom over us like an oppressor. Oh, Lord, help us live!

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