Aug 21 2015

In Love

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This week, my friend told me about his dad who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. What a sad disease. A few months ago, his mom and dad went to a gas station. His dad got out to pump. They left and about five miles down the road, the car died. His mom looked at the receipt. His dad had pumped diesel into the car – and since gasoline cars don’t run on diesel fuel, the car died.

Crazy thing. His dad had no recollection of pumping ANY type of gas. He didn’t remember doing it at all. He blamed my buddy’s mom for it, thinking she pumped it.

Do everything in love.
_1 Corinthians 16:14

We pump a lot into ourselves. We try to fuel up with inspirational sayings and motivational articles/podcasts/videos. But a human being can’t live on those things alone. If we’re not powered by love, we don’t have much chance for success.

Some cars run on diesel. And some humans can run on things other than love. Some of us can, too – for a period of time. But most of us can’t do it in the long-run.

Tired from your lack of motivation? Tired about your lack of consistency? I’m tired of those things in myself.

Maybe we’re deficient in love.

Remain in my love.
_Jesus, John 15:9

How do we manage that?

If you keep my commands, you will remain in my love… My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.
_John 15:10, 12

Our ambition to be famous won’t carry us long. Nor will our desire for excellence. Our social media stats won’t keep us in Jesus’ love.

“Do everything in love.”

Are the selfies in love? Is all our “hustle” in love? Or are we possessed and driven by something else?

Careful, O my soul, in how you answer – examine yourself. God has a receipt of all your doings and all your motivations. Don’t be absent-minded.

Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God.”
_1 John 4:7

Indeed, it does!

The fruit of the Spirit is love…
_Galatians 5:22

Oh, Lord! Let us not be filled with wrong things. Fill us with love so we may love each other with pure hearts that carry us through all obstacles and obstructions. Help us do everything in love!

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