Aug 13 2015

Perfection and Sharing

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I never knew I could love someone so much. And I’m only the uncle! My brother’s wife baked up an adorable and beautiful nugget named Caroline. She’s a month old. If I don’t get pictures from them every day, I get grumpy and text them threats.

I show her to anyone willing to look. I think she’s perfect. We all seem to feel that way about babies. They’re new and perfect.

This feeling of perfection often extends to our possessions. We call things like cars “my baby.” We admire and cherish them. But we usually can’t keep them perfect. Even sweet Caroline won’t remain perfect. One day soon she’ll start exclaiming, “Mine! Mine! Mine!”

And many of us keep doing that the rest of our lives. We never quite learn how to become experts in sharing. We look at a toddler hoarding blocks and think, “Sheesh! What a goober!” But we don’t think much of the things we hoard as adults.

I was thinking tonight about how I would feel letting a teenager learn to drive in my car. “What if they crashed it? What if they break something inside the car or spill something? What would happen with my insurance rates? What if they killed someone?” And I thought, “I wonder how God might think about us. He gives us this perfect life and then we take the wheel and start crashing into things left and right, damaging these great lives he’s entrusted to us. And sometimes we crash into others and hurt them. What must he feel like seeing that? Does he cringe? Or does he expect it?”

I don’t want to damage this body and life God has given me. I don’t want to hurt others. And I don’t want to hoard the things he’s entrusted to me. If he trusts me with so much surely I can trust others with much. Even if they “disappoint” me in how they handle it, is it any worse than we do with what God gives us?

We’re all just kids, waddling along the road, trying to find the best Way home. May God, like the Father he is, coach us how to do it well!

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