Aug 12 2015


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The USA is a strange place for a Christian these days. But not how you might think. I’m not talking about abortion or politics or marriage. I’m talking about ambition.

How should someone live when they don’t care about amassing mountains of money or climbing a professional ladder? Uninterested in a life of luxury, do we aim instead for a life of leisure? What’s the alternative to the American Dream for a Christian?

Most of us aren’t truly sold on a direction. So we don’t fully commit anywhere. We find ourselves blown around – unable to express what it is we want and unsure of which direction to go.

The Christian life isn’t primarily luxury or leisure. It’s love. Love of God, love of self, love of neighbor. We worry ourselves so much about how to make money and how to spend our free time that we rarely have conscious thoughts of how well we’re loving God, ourselves, and others.

Want to know which job to take? Take the one that helps you put more love in this world. In a country of abundance, most of our labor should be toward love, not money.

A lack of luxury never hurt anyone. A lack of leisure can be detrimental. But a life lacking love is saddest of all. Oh, may God increase our love! May he cause our labor on the earth to always aim at love. May the Holy Spirit correct us when we go astray. May our worldly ambition disconnected from love fade away. May we be given great ambition to create intelligent plans that have love as their means and end. May we be given energy to overcome resistance and the obstacles of the world. May our will be consistently focused on this – love.

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