Feb 11 2014

Love is Always a Good Thing: India Trip 6 Day 8

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I’m in a village about 90 minutes west of downtown Calcutta right now. It’s 12:44am and I’m looking at my suitcase. A group of wild dogs in the village begins howling in unison every hour or so, creating regular performances of The Canine Symphony. The great crew I traveled over here with left this afternoon and I’m laying here thinking about the last week and how this place has shaped me as a person.


This is the sixth trip my suitcase has made to India. It’s been rolled, dragged, dropped, pushed, and pulled all over this country.

It’s a nice bag, so it still looks pretty good and functions well. But there’s dirt on it, a couple nicks on the edges, and scratches on the plastic. It’s no problem though. That’s what a bag is made to do – protect the stuff inside from the stuff outside. It’s a dirty world!

Here’s the question: How often do we pack up our hearts in a suitcase and put it in a corner – so that our hearts AND our suitcase are never used, never nicked?

How often do we insulate ourselves from the world outside? From the “scary” world?

…this is for real. Life is happening. And it means everything.
_David Crowder Band – The Lark Ascending

Most especially it means things that involve the messy work of tangibly loving other people – whether that means the brotherhood and sisterhood of loving the poor or the closeness of a romantic relationship.

We guard our hearts from evil getting in. But we volunteer our hearts for love getting out. Don’t quiet your heart if you feel it raising its hand today. You may fear the unknown but don’t fuss with that. Love is always a good thing. That IS known. Walk in that way.

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