Mar 09 2013

The Tree and The Forest

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A lot of care for a little tree can grow a forest.

Once upon a time this guy built a wide road. He named it Broad Way. Today, numerous cities in the US have a Broadway that is home to the best culture in our country.

The idea for Broad Way wasn’t super special. But what happened after that has made all our lives more interesting. People saw that idea and built on it.

That means whatever “common” thing you’re building today could become a significant contribution to the world tomorrow.

Continue building your vision. Most days of idea work are almost painfully common – you’re out pulling up weeds, leveling some ground, measuring the width, digging out rocks, and occasionally talking to people about your idea.

You go through times when you think, “There’s nothing special about what I’m doing. Anyone could do this.” Except “anyone” isn’t. You are. And when you finish, certain people are going to see what you did and build on it.

But before they can see it, YOU have to put in the hard yards of preparing the way. That’s why it’s called vision. You see what isn’t as though it is. And pretty soon, other people will see what it is you built and create what isn’t.

It’s part of the magic of being in the human family – turning a tree into a forest everyone can enjoy. It’s a group of people who morph Broad Way into Broadway.

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