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Oct 19 2011

the want: a poem

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the want: a poem
by andy merrick

i went to the beach and wanted a tan
i went to a casino and wanted a grand
i went to a bar and wanted a drink
i went to a mountain and wanted to ski

i went to see football and wanted to score
i went to the emmy’s and wanted awards
i went to a classroom and wanted to teach
i went to a lecture and wanted to speak

i went to a garden and wanted to grow
i went to a concert and wanted to flow
i went to a club and wanted to dance
i went to see fashion and wanted slim pants

i went to a wedding and wanted a girl
i went to a jeweler and wanted some pearls
i went to hot yoga and wanted less girth
i went to the ocean and wanted to surf

where are you going and what do you see?
the answer to that is what you’ll want to be
where you go is what you’ll want
and what you see is where you’ll run

go to the ghetto, go to the slum
go to the prison, go to the bum
go to the diseased and those breathing their last
before your days so, too, do pass

yes, the accolades and bright light fame
very soon will rust and dimly fade
the worst of fates is not a hearse
for the first will be last and the last will be first.

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