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Oct 31 2008

the worst: a poem

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i was so desperately wanting to sing to music tonight, but couldn’t.

the worst: a poem
by andy merrick

you make me hot and sweaty
but are sometimes cold as ice
you say you’re always ready
this never turns out nice

you leave me devastated
and take my breath away
sniffling misery paraded
day by day by day

sometimes you make me nauseous
i lose my appetite
i need to be more cautious
when you just want to fight

my bones feel crushed and battered
and you don’t seem to care
a pair of sweatpants tattered
on the couch, i sit and stare

like a baker, i’m so needy
despair broken with ice cream
ben and jerry’s or some edy’s
it matters not to me

i’m ready to be done with you
as far as all that goes
but the worst thing about you, flu,
is losing my falsetto.

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