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Dec 16 2007

the kid: a song

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I’ve written a new “song” or, more properly, voiced over an already-existing song. It’s short. Only 1 minute 43 seconds. The owner of the music is Sony Classical. The composer is Aaron Zigman and it’s from the movie Martian Child. On the album, the track is entitled “Remembering Mary.” I call it “the kid.”

The story behind this is that I was heads down programming this weekend while listening to the album. Some songs just get you, ya know? After the third time hearing the song, I knew I had to do something with it even though I wasn’t actively listening and wasn’t exactly sure what. So I just started talking to myself as it played. Then I wrote down what I was saying and finally recorded it. Click the link in the playlist to start it…Dream.

andy merrick – the kid

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