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Dec 03 2006

Why Celebrate Christmas?

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I suppose you’ll think I’m really going off the deep end now. At church today, the pastor made a comment that struck me curiously. He said, “We need to have a sense of urgency this Christmas because it is the celebration of the birth of our Savior.” This is my question: isn’t every day a miracle of Christ’s coming? Why do we set aside a period of time to specially celebrate it? Tradition? Because, quite frankly, I’m tired of listening to Christian sources try and stir up some sort of emotional response in me with their “weighty words” around this time of year. It’s just doesn’t feel right. The preaching becomes over-emotional because we feel it’s necessary in order to honor Jesus. Maybe if we worshiped Christ like He deserves every day, we wouldn’t feel compelled toward fairly empty emotion this month.

We hear cheesy catchphrases: “He’s the reason for the season.” What!? He’s the reason for everything! He made the universe, He made us, and He saved us. That’s an every day kind of celebration! When was the last time we truly thanked and celebrated Christ for those things?

People get bent out of shape when Christmas carols are played out of Christmas season. Ah yes, heaven forbid we should celebrate the birth of Christ at any other time than after Thanksgiving.

I understand some people really like the Christmas season or whatever. That might make you think I’m really nuts for writing this, but I have two simple questions. Is Christ deserving of all our praise every day? If so, why do we work ourselves into a religious frenzy during this one time of the year? Perhaps Christmas celebration is less indicative of our love for Christ than it is proof of how our worship is lacking during the rest of the year.

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Dec 02 2006

No One Is Ruining Christmas

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We Christians sure do flip the script on about everything imaginable – and alienate the world from Christ in the process.

Here’s the story, friends…I am just tired of hearing about people saying that companies and the government are taking Christ out of Christmas. That’s outrageous! Christ has been out of most of our Christmases for a LONG TIME! The fact that the language is just catching up to that fact is almost irrelevant. Our country isn’t interested in celebrating Christ this Christmas because they don’t care about Christ. I’m not afraid to say that Jesus is the only way to heaven – for all people. No other religion more perfectly handles the problem of justice and love than our God does through Christ. Sin is removed and the way to eternal life realized through Him. But most in our country don’t believe that. And it is OUR faults. We don’t love our neighbors. Most of the time, we don’t even KNOW our neighbors.

Angry because the Ten Commandments have been taken down? Maybe it’s because WE haven’t kept the Greatest Commandment and loved the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We probably don’t even know HOW to do that? We know TO do it, but now HOW to do it. (Incidentally, one way I’m sure we do it is by obeying Jesus’ commands – John 14:15).

Frustrated that school-sanctioned prayer is no longer allowed? Can’t believe that the phrase “under God” is being challenged in our Pledge of Allegiance? We are right to say our country was founded on Christian principles, but our country is following the pattern of most western European countries and becoming post-Christian.

We bellyache about how too many people are politically correct at Christmas time, refusing to say Merry Christmas or calling Christmas trees “holiday trees.” LET IT GO!!! Jesus didn’t come so that we could celebrate Christmas. He didn’t come so we could post placards in every public space with the Ten Commandment on them. Jesus didn’t come so we could print “under God” on our money. Jesus didn’t come so everyone in a school would pray at a certain time during the day. Jesus came to seek and save the lost (Luke 19:10). THAT is the mission He gave us (Matthew 28:19-20).

It doesn’t make a difference if the government makes laws we disagree with. The fact is this: people’s hearts do not beat with God’s anymore. People are prideful, insolant, and greedy. We don’t need laws. We need the Lord to change people’s hearts around us – including our own! A person in love with Jesus doesn’t want to have an abortion. A person in love with Jesus prays wherever they want. A person in love with Jesus is just thankful to HAVE money. A person in love with Jesus extends love to the person who disagrees about issues of Christmas (the tree, Nativity scene, etc.).

Israel’s history saw it over and over again – when the hearts of the people changed, so did the entire fabric of society (i.e. high places torn down, God worshiped, holiness pursued). We have a government by the people. When the people’s hearts change, so, too, does the government.

I’m making this point: No one is “ruining” Christmas. Not the government, not other people. We get bent out of shape over so much – things that are only symptoms of a bigger problem: we live in a land where people don’t love God. So tell me: how much of a public witness for Christ are YOU? Until we feel comfortable answering that question, I don’t think we should lament anything other than the fact that we are failing to be ambassadors for our Savior. Christ didn’t bellyache and protest. He prayed and put Himself in people’s lives. But we must know better than He. There are some mighty big logs in our eyes right now.

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Dec 01 2006

Cable Access Commercials

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I’m watching the UCLA/USC game right now while I write various things. These local cable access commercials crack me up. You know, the ones that look like a middle school media class made them?

What in the world makes these local companies think that their bush league advertising will make me want to spend my money in their store?

There’s this one hilarious commercial here in Nashville for this company called RJ Young and Company. Apparently, they do document management – which is cool. But the commercial is outrageous. It takes place on a golf course which, granted, is smart because their demographic is probably business guys who like golf. Things go downhill from here.

These two guys talk about the company, which for AT LEAST one full hole of golf and then some – from fairway to green to cart to clubhouse. And, on the way to the cart, one of the dudes is tossing the golf ball in the air like a 4-year old. Now, I’m not hating on the guys in the commercial. I’m just saying that this scenario would never happen on a golf course. Guys talk about subjects for about 15 seconds at a time unless it’s politics. And no guy throws the ball in the air to himself like the guy in the commercial does. Awkward!

If anyone wants a consult on a TV commercial, let me know. My brothers and I are hilarious and would come up with some funny stuff. Send me an email if you’re interested! :)

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