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Oct 27 2006

The Kingdom in a Clean Sweep

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Sweeping change will happen in this country in the next two decades.

It has never been a secret that politicians are usually the less-savory people in society. Mark Twain once said there is no criminal class in America except for members of Congress.

This election cycle is absolutely nauseating. I cannot think of anyone I know who thinks all the campaigning is a good thing. I read an article the other day that said $200 billion dollars was being spent on the MID-TERM election cycle. All this while millions in our country are homeless tonight. That is a crime – that politicians who scarcely deserve to be called human (or perhaps human in the most accurate, sinful sense of the word) are taking OUR money to put THEMSELVES in office.

The change that is coming in the next two decades (should our country and universe survive that long) is that normal, every day people who truly love others will come to power and serve this nation with dignity, respect, honor, love, compassion, and wisdom.

There are too many of us who are fed up with the political system to see it happen any other way. The only thing it will take now is time – time for all of us normal people to become fully conscious as a group that our country, lives, and futures are being hijacked by a group of politicians addicted to power and prestige. Is it outrageous to say that the current political hijacking is causing/will causeĀ more global chaos than 9/11 ever did? The first tremors of this movement are being felt in a new political party that has sprouted from the grassroots called Unity 08.

Am I thankful to live in America? Yes. Am I proud to be an American? Not nearly as much as our ancestors probably were. I don’t just want to be proud because I LIVE here. I had no control over living here. I didn’t tell the stork to drop me off in America. I want to be proudĀ in something I have control over. I want to be proud because we are truly world leaders that serve and love people locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. Oh that God would make it happen! It won’t happen without Him changing people’s hearts to be true servants who desire to serve this nation and world. And it won’t happen without His wisdom guiding them once they get into power. May Your kingdom come on earth, as it is in heaven. In some way or another, all our hearts long for it!

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