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Jul 12 2015


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People talk about doubling and tripling their productivity. That would be nice but it isn’t necessary. Think about this number: 5%.

What if you made 5% more money this year?

What if the U.S. economy grew by 5% more each year? (HINT: a good growth rate is 3% per year).

What if a baseball player got 5% more hits? (HINT: His average would go from something like .260 to .310 – a massive difference in baseball).

What if the temperature was 5% warmer today?
Of course, increases and decreases to various things can respond linearly, exponentially, or logarithmically, but we don’t need to be so technical to understand the general principle which is this…

Each day many of us are awake for about 16-18 hours. What if we took one hour from every day and applied it to learning something that would benefit people in the world? Would it matter? You decide. One hour out of the 18 we’re awake is equal to…. 5%.

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