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Jul 15 2013

Go Get Em: Volume 1

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Here are some things I thought about this weekend.

You know you’ve nailed a comment on Facebook when people you don’t even know Like it with a thumbs up.

At church on Sunday, the guy who got up to sing the special song came onto the stage wearing red pants. I immediately knew it would be killer. It was probably the best church special vocal performance I’ve ever heard. PRINCIPLE: Only people with ridiculous talent can pull off red pants.

Speaking of pants, those coral/peach colored pants are crazy popular with the ladies this summer. When will the trend of coral-colored mom jeans start?

Here’s an old thought with a new twist.
OLD: Why do people retweet compliments about themselves on Twitter? Or worse: retweet when they’re on a list of Top 10 (Something)? They retweet it and then add on, “I’m humbled.”
NEW: Go ahead and retweet it, but it’s probably a lot more honest to also say, “I just wanted everyone to know I’m awesome.” Humbled by the compliment. Prideful with the retweet. Whoops. BUT… think about this… When a company tells us a compliment they received, it’s called a testimonial. When a person does it, it’s called annoying. Double standard!

Taco Bell has the Fourth Meal which happens roughly between the hours of 10pm-2am (or later depending on how late your local Taco Bell stays open). As someone who frequently eats a Fourth Meal (I had one last night), I want to know… when will Americans create a Fifth Meal and just eat 24 hours a day?

I kind of envy the people in life who woke up this morning and heard the news, became confused, and said, “Wait, who’s George Zimmerman? Trayvon what?”

I’m looking forward to being 70 and seeing Fast and the Furious 21 – Vin Diesel and The Rock racing jazzies.

Here’s my Monday encouragement for you…

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what a ship was built for.
_George Shedd



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