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Feb 25 2011

Alf Was Never My Target

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Do you know the #1 way people get to my blog? Alf. Yes. Alf. It was 539 days ago. On September 4, 2009, in a momentary, monumental lapse of judgment, I blogged about Alf. I wrote, “Listen, blog friends…If you’re self-conscious like me, cheer up! At least we’re better looking than Alf.”

Power Up
Every day I take 4 supplements. One of them promises to increase ability in lifting small cars and semi-heavy objects (the packaging is careful to note this does not mean semi trucks, but semi-heavy objects – where “partially” is a synonym for “semi”). According to statistics I keep (I don’t), about 40% of the time, I choke on one of the pills (it’s my Vitamin D pill, not the semi-heavy object pill. That’s called Vitamin BA). The Vitamin D pill is about the size of a personal pan pizza (the medium-sized ones). I sound like a cat coughing up a fur ball. Every time it happens, I think of Home Alone – the scene where Kevin comes into the kitchen and asks if anyone ordered a plain cheese pizza. His brother, Buzz, answers, “Oh yeah, we did. But if you want any, somebody’s gonna have to barf it all up. Cuz it’s gone.” Perfect. Now you’re grossed out and the #2 traffic driver to my blog will be Home Alone.

Rehab The Album
This morning I read an article about outstanding rapper Lecrae. He’s a card-carrying member in the Disciples of Jesus Club (he’s a Christian). His newest album, Rehab, which came out in September 2010, had a stint in the iTunes Top 10 Hip-Hop/Rap Album chart (it’s currently #33). It was easily my favorite rap album last year (and I listen to a lot of rap). The secular interviewer in this article asked Lecrae about his music and he said a cool thing. Speaking on how normal Jesus is, Lecrae said, “Everything on the radio is religious, whether they’re preaching the gospel of money, sex or weed, you know you’re still saying this will satisfy you. All we’re saying is we found a different source of satisfaction.” Lecrae goes on to say he wants people to hear his MUSIC first and then listen to the message/lyrics. He’s saying something subtle but important.

Rehab The Approach
1 Corinthians 1:18 says “the message of the cross” is foolishness to some and the power of God to others. People choke on the gospel. They choke on things that are good for them. I do in real life and in my spiritual life. Lecrae is trying to meet people in their own religion – music. With sick beats and sick lyrics/flow, he’s showing people the kingdom is enormous and beautiful – things they’d otherwise be cynical about or opposed to. What he says makes sense! How crazy would it be if God created us and said, “I’ve made you to get high, get laid, and get paid.” Put like that, most all humans would admit it’s not true. But people still resist. Some think Lecrae is a clown. Most don’t.

Rehab My Approach
One of the great battles many Jesus followers have today is the desire to make Jesus cool. We don’t want to seem like freaks or freak people out. Lecrae’s music and life are teaching me something.

Alf was never my target but that doesn’t mean I should stop writing. Some people (like you) are interested in my non-Alf posts (technically, though, this qualifies as an Alf post). Some people will never think Jesus is cool. Cool. We should labor to make Him look as cool as He is anyway. And to speak it out loud. Like Lecrae. Like the apostles in Acts. To some, the message of the cross is the power of God. They just need to hear someone speak (or rap) it.


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