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Dec 01 2009

My Diet Starts Tomorrow

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Counting calories is a bunch of crap. Some might say it’s for the birds. But birds can’t count. That I know of.

Not Just At Starbucks
I found that once I turned 25, my weight was something I had to manage. Up until that point, I could pretty much eat whatever I wanted in whatever quantity I desired and I’d always weigh about 175. It’s different now. I still eat whatever I want, but I have to work to keep my weight in the “normal” range. I’m a Taco Bell fiend and my Taco Bell obsession is costly – in time and sweat. Every week, I have to run miles and miles to ensure my stomach doesn’t take the shape of a Mexican Pizza. If you ever see me running through Nashville, it’s not because I like it. It’s because the Nachos Bell Grande has 1,300 calories in it. Grande calories = grande miles.

Nice Try, Buddy!
I decided to start tweeting about every trip I make to Taco Bell in an effort to shame myself into quitting. So far it hasn’t worked. In fact, other people, after reading my tweets, have been seduced into a 4th Meal and making a run for the border. They then post tweets blaming me for derailing their healthy eating habits.

I should protest Taco Bell. They have some of the worst commercials known to man. They use grade-D meat in their “food” (that’s made-up – don’t quote me on that). I think Fancy Feast cat food has higher quality meat (that’s also a lie). Point is, my poor eating decisions are starting to eat away at ME. I have this nagging feeling inside me that I need to stop. Although, that feeling could be the jalepeno sauce on the chicken quesadilla. I can’t be sure.

A number of times in the past month, I’ve said, “Ok, this is my last trip to Taco Bell. I’m starting my new workout program tomorrow.” How many diets never see “tomorrow?” The cycle must be broken. I’m breaking it. I’m done with Taco Bell.

I’m writing this tonight to my friends that I’ve unduly influenced with my Taco Bell habits. My ways are changing. I’ll be eating cauliflower, broccoli, and red peppers from now on. Follow my example!

But just real quick, I need to make a run to Taco Bell. My diet starts tomorrow.

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