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Aug 14 2009

Book Review: Andy Andrews – The Noticer

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The Noticer is the fictional account of an old, wise character named Jones who has encounters with people from varied walks of life (teenagers, busy business people, old women, etc). Along the way, Jones dispenses bits of wisdom to each – what he describes as changes in perspective.

Without being specific and ruining the book, the wisdom ranges from a few cliche nuggets, one tried-and-true observation about how humans interact, and a number of fairly profound truths that stuck out to me as memorable.

In an age of blogs, it is interesting that, absent a storyline, the content of Andrews’ book could probably be covered in a single, albeit lengthy, blog post. But seeing wisdom imparted to the messy lives of other people can oftentimes make the wisdom more applicable to our own, messy lives.

Published by Thomas Nelson, Christians may wonder about spiritual value in the book. Jesus isn’t mentioned by name, nor is salvation or sinfulness outrightly discussed. It is mostly about the redemption of broken human situations that we can all identify with.

Concluding the book is a study guide that uses the book’s stories as a gateway to examine our own lives. I found many of the questions helpful.

Overall, my rating is 3 out of 5 stars. It is easy to read in 2-4 hours. The nuggets of worthwhile wisdom are particularly good but some of the more cliche moments prevented me from being blown away. Should you spend your money on this book? If you love allegory or are a sentimentalist (I use that word in the nicest sense), you’ll LOVE this book. If you desire rigid logic and don’t like wading through story to find truth, you won’t like it as much. It’s a good read while travelling or unwinding.

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