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Apr 23 2009

Where In The World Is Carmen Andy-iego?

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It’s been 22 days since I last wrote. Hi, friends. I’m still here! And I want you to know what’s going on in my life right now – why it’s been so long, how I’ve been spending my time, why After-Lunch Breakdance disappeared, and other tidbits.

The last 3 weeks of my life have been spent in lots of reflection and research among so many other things. To get you up to speed quickly, here is me interviewing myself with about 30 words for each question.

How was the writer’s conference?
So good! Learned about writing. Learned about publishing. Met new friends. Talked to a lit agent who wants to see a manuscript and proposal for Why Guys Aren’t Asking You Out. Good first step!

What have you been doing with your time?
Figuring out how to make money. I don’t think writing is going to pay me much for quite some time (if ever) so I faced that reality and brainstormed a new way to make money.

How are you gonna do it?
I don’t think I ever want to work a 9-5 job again. It’s not me. I don’t want to program computers anymore. Money still doesn’t grow on trees. I love music. And film. So I decided to buy this – the Panasonic HPX170. I also bought a bunch of gear with it (normal production stuff – tripod, mics, cases, lights, 35mm adapter, primes).
What are you gonna do with it?
I’m gonna do unique-looking, simple music videos and other video projects. I’ll also be doing original shorts. You’ll see videos toward the end of May!

Do you already know how to do that stuff?
Nope. It’s brand new to me. I’m learning everything as I go.

Isn’t that kind of risky?

Are you scared?
For sure, but I’m getting more comfortable as I learn more about the camera and all the skills I need to develop.

Why has it been so long since you last wrote?
I’ve done a lot of research about all the equipment I’ve bought. It took a TON of time. And I’ve spent time writing ABOUT writing (but you haven’t seen that) and writing Why Guys Aren’t Asking You Out (more on that in a second). I’ve been putting my mind in order. It’s still a mess! :)

Are you still going to write?
Absolutely! I’m going to try for M-F. I’ll be writing about random life things – processing my life – and trying to help you process yours!

What happened to After-Lunch Breakdance?
For now, I’m going to stop doing it. I love the idea, but I need to focus on building my business and becoming a better writer.

Are you going to finish the Why Guys Aren’t Asking You Out series?
Yes and no. It is going to be finished – as a book (which I’m working on). I was advised by lit agents that only 10% of what’s on my blog can survive to a book. So I’m cutting the series short here so I don’t have to re-write so much. If my book doesn’t get picked up by a lit agent/publisher then I’m going to give it away for free as an e-book when I finish.

Now what?
So this gets us a little up to speed. I’m going to start writing more about my life and just general observations. Sorry I’ve been gone for so long! I’m ready to write again! -andy

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Feb 27 2009

Road Trip!

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NOTE: I’ve updated this post since Friday, February 27.

Ok, now this sounds just ridiculous (and it is)! I actually forgot that I was going on a road trip. I’ve had a Phoenix/LA trip planned for a little while now and forgot. How does something like that happen? You combine my dumb brain with how awesome Nashville is.

So I’m about to leave the BNA for the PHX and then onto the LAX.

What that means for you is that the Why Guys Aren’t Asking You Out series won’t continue until Monday, March 9  because I spent too much of yesterday getting ready for my trip. And, again, because I planned so poorly, After-Lunch Breakdance won’t be back until March 9.

I never took a full week off from working after I quit my job and since I’m hanging out and catching up with friends so much on this trip, I decided maybe this should be the occasion for vacation. But it’s a season of living and learning for me. Other than going to a place where it’s 85 and sunny, I feel sad about this! Next time I leave town for a long time, I’ll have my junk together!!!

The best I can do for you over the next week is a crappy/awesome LOL Cat.

Think about life a little this week. Smile at someone you don’t know. Dance at least once. Yeah, even you, dudes! Peace for now, friends! -andy


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Feb 05 2009

What’s Going On? Finish the Series!

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So you may wonder why I haven’t finished the Why Guys Aren’t Asking You Out series. Are you? Well, ok, let me tell you.

I explained a couple days ago that I’ve been pressed for time between work and a balanced social life. And I explained I needed time in order to organize the content I have left.

Guess what? Only 7 more days of work! Then I will officially be unemployed. That hit me earlier this week and I’m fine with it because I have money to live on for a while, but I realized I needed to move forward with my writing plans a little. So I’ve been working on an article I’m going to submit to Relevant magazine this weekend. I’ve also been working on a couple guest posts on other people’s blogs. With my otherwise time-crunched schedule, that means the series has been pushed aside. Which stinks, but it’s only for a short time – because I’m working my regular 9-5 and don’t have time to do it all.

But I wanted to let you know that I plan to post Parts 10-12 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday next week. In fact, I’m committing to it!

I realize I may not need to post this and let you know what’s up, but I feel like I’m friends with a whole bunch of people through my blog (both people I know and don’t know) and I realize you’re not all angry like, “WHERE’S PART 10, DIRTBAG!?” but an explanation makes ME feel better so thanks for listening!

And, as always, thanks for reading! All of your support is like a bunch of Super Mario Brothers mushrooms! Any time I feel like I’m getting smaller, along comes a comment or note from one of you that picks me up again! I don’t have Photoshop at work but needless to say, I’ll be working up a graphic tonight!

After-Lunch Breakdance at 1pm CST. Free fun. Free iTunes music! COME ON BACK!! HOLLA!!!

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Feb 02 2009

My Weekend In Pictures

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There’s something you should know about me. For the past 28 years of my life, I have been a relatively solitary person. I’m pretty personable and am often mistaken as an extrovert, but I’m not and I’ve never pursued the social scene. Until 2009. I never posted my New Year’s Resolutions, but I had three and I’ll share them now since we’re one month into the year.

My three goals were to:

  1. Write more.
  2. Be more social.
  3. Work on my interior life more (my heart).

I’ve done well in 1 and 2. Not as successful in 3 as I’d like, but not failing – and, with friends, moving to strengthen it.

Anyway, why am I writing this entry? This weekend I went hog wild on 2. And I’m going to show you some pictures to assuage my guilt for having not completed Part 10 of the Why Guys Aren’t Asking You Out series.

So without further delay: This is my weekend in pictures!

Indian Food Dinner Party (taken by Deborah Barnett – photographer, gracious host, and outrageous cook!)

Where I drank a lot of this…(FYI – Yes, I do drink alky – alcohol – but not very often – it makes me sad. Can’t explain it – it just happens. I just used a ton of hyphens.)

Recently found a great little pub here in town where my friends and I go more nights than not and just hangout and talk about life and shoot pool.
NOTE 1: Not all people in this photo are my friends. Yet.
NOTE 2: I’m not sure what Justin? [the guy on the left] is doing either.
NOTE 3: Taken by Evan Weatherford, guitar superhero.

This is where things really fell apart for me in terms of writing. I was ready to write when my new best friend, Jason Stoltzfus (no, that’s not a typo it’s his real last name), tweeted this on Twitter:

im going to play soccer. 2PM @ …. middle school for anyone interested. Bring it!

To which I replied:

@jasonstoltzfus i hate you. i was supposed to work. now i’m playing soccer. BISCUIT!! see you up there, kid!

So I got to the field and snapped a few quick pics before I jumped in to play.

Some people I don’t know, but the best photo of the bunch.

Jay (in white) in action. Yes, he is as cool as he looks!

Then I went to a Super Bowl party and had a great time meeting a whole bunch of new people! I’m at the yellow arrow.

My weekend in photos! I still don’t feel better for not having the next part ready, but it’s not for lack of ideas. It’s for lack of time! After my week at work, I needed the chill time this weekend! I have 10 days of work left! When I’m finished, I’m going to have so much more time and energy to write! I am PUMPED!!! With all capital letters!

I hope you all had enjoyable weekends! If not, maybe you could be consoled at 1pm with After-Lunch Breakdance where, like every day, I’m giving away a $10 iTunes gift card. Just come back to the site this afternoon at 1pm CST for some laughs and a chance at the gift card. Also, a new thing…some song giveaways will take place on Twitter today in a game I call TWITTERIVIA, too, so feel free to follow me for a chance to get free music. I’ll give away 5 songs throughout! Holla! Rock the day!

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