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Dec 14 2008

Red Tags

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I usually try to lay low on Sundays and that’s why I’m not writing for my 31 Days series today. I do, however, have some observations…

These car companies and their commercials…can’t somebody have a sale with something other than a red tag? How about an Orange Tag Clearance Sale? I mean, seriously, do you really equate the color red with a “big sale”?

And this Toyotathon of Toyotathons? Are you kidding me? Is that supposed to be some kind of blockbuster event that gets me pumped up? “WOW! I would have gone to a Toyotathon, but they’re throwing the Toyotathon to end all other Toyotathons. I am leaving immediately.”

And these Lexus commercials… Good grief those are big bows they put on their cars! Who’s sitting around in the Lexus corporate offices and thinking, “Yes, I know what we’ll do. Let’s put bows that are 4 feet wide on top of the car.” (Side note commentary of personal style: I think the current Lexus lineup is rubbish. Those RX SUVs are PLAYED OUT!!!)

The Volkswagen Routan commercials where Brooke Shields tries to convince couples that the only reason they’re pregnant is because they want the Routan. These are just terrible. How unbelievably awkward! Note to German car companies and the marketing agencies they employ: making viewers uncomfortable when they watch your commercials doesn’t make us want to buy your car. It makes us want to change the channel.

In personal news for anyone who cares, our soccer team lost in the league finals this afternoon, 2-1. One of our players was sent off with a red card about 10 minutes into the 2nd half (meaning we had to play a man down the rest of the game). That was a huge bummer because we had a 20-25MPH wind at our backs the 2nd half. We still ended up scoring with only 10 men, but couldn’t put a second one in. I don’t mind the loss too much, though. It would have been nice to win, but win or lose, this too shall pass. Life is short. I’m thankful to be breathing tonight and that I’m in such good health that I can even PLAY soccer! Three cheers for lungs and hearts and muscles and everything that makes our bodies work!

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