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Nov 23 2008

Sports Pics #1

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Most people don’t know that I really dig photography. But I do – especially sports photography. The guys on my soccer team are studs. I’m a dud so I sub in a lot. Some games I make good use of my time and take pics while I’m waiting to get in. It’s incredible how difficult it is to get really good action shots. The 7 photos here are the best I could find out of about 1400. Happy sporting. (Oh, and the last pic is one of my brother, John. Speedy on land, speedy on the ice. Speedy Juanzalez.) Click on any of the pics and you’ll get the bigger version.

Hoover establishing position.
Hoover gets position.

Joe with a 30-yard hit.
Curtis with a 30-yard hit.

Jordan across the field.

Hoover again. Stop ahead.

Mila doing what he does…domainating the entire field.

Wiles winds.

Speedy Juanzalez.

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