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Dec 18 2014

Go Home for Christmas

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Go Home for Christmas: A Poem
by: andy merrick

Go home for Christmas
No matter the price
Overcome money,
Emotions, and time

Truth isn’t pretty
So here it is ripped
Mom and pops will soon
Die from falling sick

Your tire might explode
Your house go up in flames
Your brain become so weird
That you forget your name

Put aside your pride
Trust God for cash to flow
Ask for more vacation
Go “HO! HO! HO!” home!

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Aug 04 2013

Win-Win: The Worst Driver

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a poem by andy merrick

There was a young man named Pete
Who never had been to the beach
    He bought him some sand
    Scooped it up in his hand
And had a vacation for cheap

This man named Pete, he could drive
But ’twas a miracle he was alive
    His vision was great
    The problem innate
He drove just like he was blind

He imagined the beaches of Spain
And shores on the coast of Maine
    A daydreamer, silly
    Eyes closed, really
And swerving all over the lanes.

Played Pac-Man on every road
Eating white lines like they were french toast
    No friend would ride
    On the passenger side
Afraid they’d end up a ghost

Then folks sat in his car’s posterior
Though Pete didn’t feel superior
    See, he had stopped short-er
    There came an Explorer
Crashing into the interior

His insurance agent named Sarai
Called because he’d totaled his ride
    She cut him a check
    He was happy as heck
And packed his bags for the beach in Hawaii.

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Jun 30 2013

Paul Bunyan

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paul bunyan: a poem
by andy merrick

Sometime many years ago
Maples stood in knee-deep snow
And robins flew from here to there
A partridge in a tree of pears

Walnuts grew off branches and limbs
Orioles sang their favorite hymns
Tapping sounds, a pecker of wood
Cardinal red lit up the hood

But a wealthy man desired more things
Planned apartments fit for kings
Called Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe
Downed the forest in three dang days

Word got around the man had wheels
Always a topic at aviary meals
Revenge is desired, whether near or far
And that’s why birds poop on your car.

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Jun 23 2013


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Chubby: A Poem
by andy merrick

I want to lose weight
Cause I’m a little bit chubby
But it’s hard at this age
Cause I’m a great big dummy

I woke up kinda early
To go out in the sun
My last clean shorts were girly
I wore them for the run

Got back home and felt like
More calories could go
So I pulled out my road bike
And cycled to the store

Finally came the end
Ate a pound of straw-berries
Then sat down with my friends
Whose names were Ben and Jerry

I want to lose weight
Cause I’m a little bit chubby
But it’s hard at this age
Cause I’m a great big dummy.

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