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Apr 02 2007

Top 10 Things I Love About Pride and Prejudice

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Oh, yes. I watched the movie tonight. By myself. Enchanting.

10. The piano song that occurs throughout the movie.
9. Top hats. Top hats are awesome.
8. Courtsying. There needs to be more in this day and age. Some people say, “Back that thang up” or “Show me what you workin wit.” How about a nice courtsy? That’s what I’m working wit, homes.
7. Ribbons. They’re just plain cute.
6. The way the dad talked to Lizzie. Speaking of Darcy, the dad said something like, “I wouldn’t have consented to anyone less worthy.” Awesome! Also when he tells Lizzie not to marry Collins. He knows the dude is an idiot and is protecting her. Enjoyable.
5. Love’s not only a feeling. People have been making happy marriages work for centuries in cultures far different than our own, yet we insist that they’re the ones to be pitied. Probably not.
4. The dancing. I think even I could figure out those dances. I think.
3. The candles. It makes me want to have a Candle Week where I don’t use lightbulbs at night – only candles.
2. The red-headed dude who married Jane called himself an ass. Sometimes the truth is the truth.
1. Of course, it’s great that Lizzie married Darcy. That other girl, Sarah(?), the Lady’s daughter was a huge vegetable. Lizzie got it goin on.

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Nov 09 2006


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At the urging of my mother, who reads my blogs, and may read YOURS also, I’m writing a review of Borat.

I went to see the movie with a new group of friends I have here in Nashville. I arrived at the Green Hills mall early last Saturday morning to secure my ticket for the 4:30pm showing. After putting my ticket into my wallet, I promptly walked into a door that was locked. That was cool.

So I saw the movie. It’s not all that great. Now let me say – I’m not a hater. I’ve known about the Ali G show for at least 2 years now and watched every episode. I love Borat. But the movie falls short.

Obviously, Borat’s schtick (and the characters of Ali G and Bruno) is interviewing people who don’t know they’re being tricked. He does some of that in this movie, but deviates too much. One of the biggest objections I have to this movie is some of the jokes about Jews he makes. Of course, Borat is played by Sacha Baren Cohen, himself a Jew, but this movie crosses lines. In season 2, Borat went to a country-western bar and performed a song called, “Throw the Jew Down the Well.” It was probably one of the best satires I’ve seen in song form. But, like I said, the movie crosses lines. When satire becomes uncomfortable, that’s how you know things have gone too far.

But beyond that, most of the funny things in the movie were actually shown during the previews on TV. I chuckled here and there during the movie, but it was just so-so.

That’s what I think. I wouldn’t say, “Don’t see it” but don’t be surprised if you’re mildly disappointed when it’s over.

Oh yeah…hi mom.

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